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The Basics of Daylighting Systems


The Basics of Daylighting Systems

It is now one of the hottest summer months in the country, there is an abundance of daylight supply. People are not used to the extreme heat outside their homes, but daylight also brings so much benefits in our daily lives.


Today, daylighting is considered one of the most efficient environmental strategies that has begun attracting a huge amount of interest in sustainability point of view. However, it’s no longer limited to simply placing transparent or reflective surfaces to provide internal illumination. It requires well-thought innovative product that can maximize its benefits yet limit its concerns.


Daylighting systems in the comforts of your place

Daylighting is controlling the entrance of natural light or direct sunlight in a facility, through the use of transparent and reflective systems, which also reduce electricity consumption.


However, best daylighting systems are composed of daylight-responsive structures which are also designed to avoid direct contact with the sun and reduces harmful rays and heat gain. If enough daylight has been provided, this system can eliminate requirement of electrical lighting.


A Good Daylighting Design


What makes a good design?

If you aim to have a visually stimulating and productive environment in an establishment, there must be significant attention given on the daylighting when doing the architectural design of the building. A good daylighting design is like a puzzle piece – if you forget to consider one part, it will fail the rest.


Remember that the architectural design should meet the following characteristics:


-Provision of ambient lighting requirements

-Avoid direct light problems through good management (high brightness ratios, direct sunlight controls, etc.)

-Must be adjustable and easy to use for the occupants of the facility

-Fully implement the overall project goal with its lifetime in consideration.



Things to consider when planning the design

As there are things to watch out during the designing phase, ask yourself these questions:


-How appropriate is the daylight in the specific area?

-How much light would I need?

-What controls do I target?

-Is your electric lighting control properly utilized and suited solely for night time functions?


Also remember that the area should have enough sunlight considering the variation expected from the sun.



What are the benefits of daylighting systems?


Reducing costs

Since one of the main advantages of daylighting systems is its attempt to reduce the cost of electric lighting, most buildings with daylighting has a range of 40 to 80 percent savings. Furthermore, these systems also reduce the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) costs.


A natural need for the well-being

Several studies stated that daylighting has a direct effect on a person’s well-being as it improves productivity, emotions, and overall sense of satisfaction in life. These psychological benefits result in reduced absenteeism from offices, as well as improved educational performance and patient recovery time in hospitals.



Remember that proper amount of daylight benefits the overall health of a person. Researches stated that natural light helps in providing mental and visual stimulation necessary for regulating the human circadian rhythm – the 24-hour physiological cycle in living beings that can be regulated by sunlight and temperature.



What is a disadvantage of daylighting systems?


Light and heat that is out of control

If setting up the daylighting project was not properly executed, it can produce risky results. Direct contact with sunlight gives an unpleasant glare and intolerable heat on task surfaces like computer screens – it will make everything difficult for the person who is working.



What do we recommend?


EGPHIL presents Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices

Tubular daylighting devices are equipment that bring natural light into your place through a sleek and transparent narrow tube. Compared to installation of windows or traditional skylights, these tubes are cost and time efficient – as these can be installed in just a few hours. For you to get all the daylighting benefits, use Solatube’s tubular daylighting systems which EGPHIL and its affiliates aim to correctly design, supply and install.


Light as Light: Solatube Daylighting Devices in Saudi Arabia

Solatube’s tubular daylighting devices redirect, reflect, and deliver visible spectrum of light to designated interior spaces. More than preventing harmful ultraviolet light and reducing glare, these also maintain a consistent light distribution pattern to avoid any damages or fading of the furniture and fabrics.


SolaMaster® Series

SolaMaster Series Image


With optical technologies that deliver predictable light levels, the SolaMaster® Series can be used in commercial lighting that is similar to traditional lighting equipment. They are also most applicable for warehouses, production facilities, commercial spaces, offices, health centers, and gymnasiums.


SkyVault® Series

SkyVault Series Image


These are big tubes that deliver massive amounts of daylight for large spaces. With proper application of modular components, you will be able to increase light capture, maximize light output, dim or darken a specific area in the establishment when you need, and reduce the thermal exchange. These are applicable for distribution centers, airports, convention centers, manufacturing facilities, and military bases.


Brighten Up® Series

Brighten Up Series Image


This is a line of tubular daylighting devices that has consistent lighting during the daytime in areas where light is always needed. These have options such as decorative diffusers, dimming, and light add-on. This device features Raybender Technology, an optical innovation built into rooftop domes. Brighten Up® Series is designed for applications in residences, offices, low ceiling requirements, and basements.


Smart LED™ System

Smart LED System Image


A day and night solution applicable for residences and offices, this energy-efficient tubular daylighting device is a combination of daylighting device and automatic LED luminaire. Through this, efficient lighting is guaranteed as daylight levels that are monitored in the system and LEDs will automatically adjust when the levels get too low.


EGPHIL Solar Solutions is an experienced provider of energy efficiency and solar energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our services will assure you an excellent experience as we bring light into your place by installing an efficient solar lighting system in Saudi Arabia. For more details, give us a call on +966 12 668 1177.

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