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Edmonds is now AMCA Certified and Tested

Edmonds, The innovators of turbine ventilators, take a further step to confirm being the best in its technology


Edmonds is now AMCA Certified and Tested

Edmonds has become a member of AMCA and will now be using this august body to undertake all future testing and certification for its mechanical and hybrid (i.e. ecoPOWER) ventilators. AMCA certification is highly regarded around the globe.

The first initiative was to send our ecoPOWER 400 and 600 hybrid vents to AMCA for full evaluation of flow rate, fan curves and power usage followed by full noise analysis. The results can be summarized as below:

  1. Top flow rates were generally about 5% higher than Edmonds has previously published.
  2. Fan curves showed a significantly higher capacity to manage pressure loss than Edmonds had hitherto published. In general about a 20% improvement across the curves.
  3. Power consumption when running was about 10% less than Edmonds had previously claimed meaning even greater levels of energy efficiency.
  4. Noise figures are far superior to any other mechanical device for the flow rates experienced.


Further tests will be carried out for the remaining series of products.

Edmonds is now encouraging AMCA to set up the capacity for CERTIFICATION of wind powered and static ventilators possibly using AS/NZS 4740 or some derivative thereof. AMCA certification for wind powered ventilators will be a huge step forward for an industry which has currently has poor discipline and no commonly accepted basis for many flow rate claims.

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