With an ambition to serve the Middle Eastern population through our solutions, we provide energy efficiency and solar energy solutions that will benefit industrial and commercial establishments, as well as residences.  EGPHIL was established not only to benefit establishments, but also to contribute for the overall improvement of environmental wellbeing.


Solar Solutions

Light as Light

The efficient way to daylight indoors without operational nor maintenance cost, Solatube are the innovators and leading manufacturers of tubular day lighting devices. They solely manufacture their products in the United States of America, and they can reduce up to 98% of lighting requirement during the day.

Solatube have been successful in the industrial, residential, and commercial application in Saudi Arabia and neighboring gulf countries.


Light as Heat

Widely used for residential, commercial, and some industrial applications, Solar Water Heating (SWH) is converting sunlight to heat for water heating through solar thermal collector. It has various configurations available at varying cost – providing solutions in different climates and latitudes.


Light as Energy

Photovoltaic (PV) System is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. Due to the relatively low maintenance requirements and the long lifetime of many system components, solar electric systems are among the most popular renewable energy options available.


Energy Efficiency Solutions

EDMONDS Natural Ventilators

EDMONDS has a rich history of development of refining a perfect product – making them innovators of technology. Their natural turbine ventilators, which are made in Australia, function with the presence of wind and assistance of pressure from thermal difference inside the facility. These work as a static vent (with the availability of high average wind the in the gulf) and can be a replacement for electrical exhaust fans without spending for operation and maintenance.


LED Lighting Solutions

More than providing up to 70% of energy consumptions savings for lighting, LED Lighting is perhaps the perfect replacement for street lighting luminaires, flood lights, sports lighting requirement, or other commercial requirement. However, choosing LED for industrial and outdoor area may be critical as it requires specialized units that can withstand high temperature and have superior heat dissipation design.


EGPHIL Solar Solutions works intensively to provide the advanced solar and energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to witness an endless smile of fulfilment on each of our Solar Alternative Energy Patron. Call us on +966 12 668 1177 and benefit from having the best solar solutions now!