Established in 2014, EGPHIL is an experienced provider of energy efficiency and solar energy solutions in Saudi Arabia. The idea came from two engineers who aimed for a better future as they were enlightened by God’s words.


This marked the beginning of the work to accomplish feasible solar solutions for customers.


The company aims to provide and serve the Middle Eastern population with advanced solar and energy solutions that will not only benefit customers, but will also contribute to the environmental wellbeing.


More than reducing operating costs and carbon footprint, EGPHIL also helps businesses achieve a feasible energy solution to strengthen their companies’ images – as provisions of solar power and renewable energy solutions in Saudi Arabia also benefit industrial and commercial establishments.

Aside from designing a reliable and efficient solar energy, the company aspires to provide supplementary services that go hand-in-hand with the most updated innovative approaches in solar energy application . It offers a variety of services for different systems – from Consultation and Design, to Supply and Installation, to Operation and Inspection, as well as Support and Maintenance.


To increase awareness of Alternative Energy opportunities and savings, it has expanded its range of products meeting saving goals such as Tubular Daylighting Devices (Solatube), Solar Lighting Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Natural Ventilation, LED Lighting Solutions, as well as reliable Off-Grid and On-Grid Photovoltaic Systems.


EGPHIL is composed of qualified and well-balanced groups of professionals who strictly follow quality management principles – from engineers, to sales personnel and to technicians. It is grateful to its expert engineers, who are behind the proficiency of the company, for continuously researching and keeping themselves up-to-date with products and strategies in the solar industry.


As it aspires to witness its wonderful clients’ fulfillment, EGPHIL is a hundred percent guaranteed to work rigorously in providing the advanced solar and energy efficiency solutions in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle Eastern population.



W H A T  D O  W E  O F F E R


  • Consultation and Design

    We provide Engineering Study, Site Survey, Cost Analysis and Planning of new construction plans as well as existing structures.

  • Supply and Installation

    Our experienced installers make sure that the system is installed and perform properly.

  • Operation and Inspection

    An Engineering inspects each system installed to verify that it is fully functional and it passes final inspection by local authorities.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We are always ready to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.