The experienced provider of solar and energy efficiency solutions, EGPHIL offers services that consist of supplementing businesses through the most up-to-date innovative approaches in the application of solar energy.

Brought by the idea of two founders who were enlightened by God’s words, we are a company that aims for a better future. EGPHIL was established in 2014 with offices in Saudi Arabia and USA, and until now continues to achieve feasible solar energy solutions for its clients – for them to strengthen their company’s image, reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint.

Throughout the years, the company has gained enough expertise and experience based on local requirements and has perfected the right approach toward solar and energy efficiency solution application that is reliable and efficient for clients long term satisfaction.

The company abides by its rule of thumb save before you generate

We provide turnkey services which involve engineering study, system supply, installation, and commissioning. Therefore, we make sure to deliver the perfect solar and energy efficiency solutions for your business.

Due to the increasing opportunities opened by analysis of local requirement, EGPHIL decided to expand its horizon towards other energy savings applications such as:

The company is composed of disciplined and competitive teams of engineers, sales personnel, and technicians – who are working under strict quality management. Our proficiency in solar product's design, installation, operation, and maintenance is top-notch. It is all because of our competent engineers who continuously work on their craft, constantly researching and staying updated about products and techniques to bring the highest quality of service possible.

EGPHIL is not only a company that markets solar products. Our purpose is to witness an endless smile – that serves as a sign of fulfilment on each of our Solar and Alternative Energy Patron.

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