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Is “Solar” for you?


Is “Solar” for you?

Some discussions regarding Solar PV and its general inquiries - Part 1



Ever wondered if you’re getting the right system for your project? After all, there is not a “one size fits all” system. Here in Saudi Arabia, where electricity is inexpensive even after the recent changes to electric tariffs, makes it a challenge for most to differentiate the line between actually saving and hurting your return of investment, requiring more thorough study of current requirements and looking into the future due to the state of change the country is going through. It’s not as simple as filling your roof with photovoltaic panel equals savings, generating electricity is not the only solution. There several factors and solutions applicable here in Saudi Arabia to consider to achieve optimum feasibility in your plans:


1) Your Consumption.

2) How soon do you want your return of investment.

3) Quality, lifetime of the product, this is important to not just have a return of investment but to gain from your investment.

4) Is it the right solution for your requirements. Is it really what you need to prioritize in you journey towards Net-Zero.


Contact EGPHIL Solar Solutions to discuss all these matters and find the right solutions for you.

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