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Daylight and COVID-19, the wish for sunlight while indoors

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Daylight and COVID-19, the wish for sunlight while indoors

While people are being forced to spend so much time indoors there is a heightened awareness of the mental health issues associated with indoor living. While we are been urged to exercise it is seen to have a considerable impact on your mental health, often it’s the benefits of natural light and fresh air that accompanies outdoor exercise that is often overlooked.

As we spend more times indoors people are also looking at energy efficient options that help reduce their carbon footprint. What many people do not realise is that they are often sacrificing basic elements that have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.  Poor lighting, indoor air pollution, use of LED’s as a replacement of natural light, using blue or white coloured artificial lighting are all areas that we have control over and should avoid in our homes for our family’s health and wellbeing.

While Solatube has specialised in these type of products for many years, in these difficult times we are making slight changes to our sales process that allows customers to get access to our products that we believe are essential in any facility, particularly while we are spending so much time there.

Did you know that:

  1. With a few simple questions, our Daylighting systems can be quoted over the phone.
  2. We can do a Virtual Consultation with you with one of our daylighting experts via Online Communication Apps  – we want to keep it simple, we just need to get a visual sense of the areas of your home you want to improve. This can allow us too:
  • Explain the product features and technology
  • See the specific location in your home (phone or web camera required)
  • Discuss and provide recommendations on the space
  • Take a virtual tour through one of our showroom rooms (if available in your territory)
  • View the different diffuser options
  • Provide you with a quotation of the product
  1. The majority of our installations require little to no personal interaction with our certified installers, it can be scheduled based on accepted schedule and terms.


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