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Efficiency and Comfort in LED

LED is LED... or is it?


Efficiency and Comfort in LED

LED luminaire manufacturer are a plenty. We are often asked how we chose to partner with GigaTera and not any other brand. Simply saying...... they have the better products. 


LED lamps have been known to be fragile in performance if exposed to unfavorable conditions. That seems to be everywhere in and outdoor and external setting of Saudi Arabia. we searched for a product that is protected against extreme conditions yet flexible in design and function that it can meet the major lighting requirements in the sector. 


Efficiency in LED refers to getting the most light from least power consumption. This is easily possible by overpowering your LED chips, but this is sure to reduce its lifetime. The best efficiency refers to highest light output per watt acheived while maintaining least stress on the chips to maximize its lifetime. GigaTera LED lamps have high lumen per watt using medium power LED chip output, that is Efficiency.


GigaTera lamps also use reflectors instead of optics. Optics are causes of light loss. they are also causes of lamp failure as we have observed optics degrading and even burn of due to chip heat. reflectors can be designed to meet light distribution angle with efficiency. They can also work together with optics to provide focal power needed in high lighting requirements such as sports lighting. This avoid light pollution. Reflectors also allow indirect light distribution. So you are never looking straight on to a chip which causes glare issue. That is Comfort.


Contact EGPHIL Solar Solutions to help you with you LED lighting need. You will not need to search anywhere else. 



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