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EGPHIL in Big 5 - Saudi


EGPHIL in Big 5 - Saudi

EGPHIL participated in the Big 5 - Saudi in collaboration with our international partners for Solar Water Heating - SOLE SA from Greece. 

SOLE Company was established in 1974 and has had extensive experience that they use in research and development of the right products and systems to meet customer’s need. EGPHIL and SOLE team to assure reliability of offered solutions for the Saudi Market.

Systems offered from SOLE include:

  • ALPHA Solar water heater is an integrated collector storage system that is fully pre-assembled ensuring ease in installation. For our climatic condition, it is designed to easily dissipate excess energy during summer to avoid overheating. The unit is available in 200 liter capacity.
  • EUROSTAR Solar water heater is a Thermosiphon system available in capacities of 150L, 200L, and 300L. Eurostar is unique as its built to tolerate up to 22.5 bar pressure, which assures that the system can stand overheating conditions that have led to premature failure of Solar Water heaters in Saudi Arabia.
  • Forced Circulation Systems are design by our expert engineers for large commercial scale projects. Our in-house team provide complete engineering support to ensure maximum savings are achieved by the system based on client’s requirements and limitations. These solutions are best for high hot water requirements of Schools, Malls, Hotels, etc.

Looking forward to supply and installation Solar Water Heating for your need. 


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