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How to make everyday Earth Day

Suggestions for Greener Operations


How to make everyday Earth Day

  • Get everyone on board by including green focus in your company’s image. Psychology shows that if you label something a certain way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want to have a green set, the first thing you’re going to have to do is take ownership of that fact. By announcing your operation is going “green,” you will inspire your employees to get behind it.
  • Hire or designate a team to focus on achieving your goals as a company who’s going green. Most company have Environmental specialist or department that handle these. This is a crucial step to actually get the wheels moving. Your current employees will be busy on other matters, you’ll need a person whose sole focus is to get your company closer to sustainability, guide everyone and look into solutions that are applicable and will benefit your company, a plane won’t fly on its own without its crew.
  • Create some yearly goals. Setting out an annual plan with milestone evaluations will allow us to monitor the changes and further inspire workers and management towards the goal.
  • Go natural. Improve ergonomics with nature. Maximize Natural Light, improve facility ventilation, adjust internal policies to meet natural occurrence.
  • Go natural some more. Use reusable bags, containers, and utensils. Avoid disposables.
  • Adjust habits based on availability and eliminate the culture of waste.
  • Nurture plants in your facility. Who doesn’t like greenery in their surrounding?
  • Limit waste. Reuse. Recycle. Be resourceful. Everything serves multiple purpose before it becomes trash. Be creative to maximize the possibility.
  • And lastly, spread and share. Aside from being a green institution yourself, getting people into the movement towards sustainable and greener future is the next best thing.

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