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SUNPAD - World’s most revolutionary solar water heater


SUNPAD - World’s most revolutionary solar water heater

SUNPAD solar water heater, originating from Austria by GREENoneTEC the largest solar thermal manufacturer in the world, has created a new dimension in solar thermal energy by combining performance, enhanced usability, aesthetics, and innovation. It offers users the opportunity to experience the unique symbiosis between dynamic design and water heating.


The source of infinite energy and origin of all life, the sun. Sending its warming rays to our planet for ages. Nevertheless, it was only a few decades that technology introduced how to use solar energy effectively for water heating. The potential is enormous and nature shows us the way.


Inspired by nature and characteristics of the sun-loving gecko, GREENoneTEC was inspired to deliver top performance, simple and highly efficient solutions that will revolutionize our world. GREENoneTEC wants to use them to counteract global warming, significantly reduce global CO2 emissions and make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection. 



With this drive, GREENoneTEC has transformed its inspiration into a revolutionary new solar water heater: SUNPAD is unique, by integrating the heat carrier tank into the insulation, which at the same time includes all supporting components, it is the most compact solar system available on the market.


Due to the small number of components, the system is virtually maintenance-free. The heart of the system is the heat storage tank which contains 150 liters of heat transfer fluid. This heat transfer fluid is a mixture of anti-corrosion liquid mixed with water which is prefilled in the system. The tank is manufactured using the latest welding technology and equipped with double high-performance anti-reflective glass providing low nighttime temperature losses.


The special solar coating on the surface of the tank caused the heat transfer fluid in the tank to be heated when exposed to sunlight.


The tank also hosts the precisely dimensioned (19 meters long) fresh water-rated heat exchanger made with Stainless Steel AISI  316/904L which is perfect for the hard water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and eliminating the need for magnesium anode replacement. The heat exchanger which carries the actual potable water, coming from the cold water feed. This water is then heated up in the heat exchanger system and hot water will be available for use.


With a thermostatic mixing valve, the water will be mixed down to the desired temperature. At 40°C, it can output up to 380 liters of hot water.


The temperature in the tank is maintained by encasing the latter with up to 50mm thick insulation of high-quality extruded polypropylene foam (EPP). 


A backup 1 or 2 kW heating element is also available in case of a drop below the set temperature.


To back its performance with long term durability, the extruded polypropylene foam (EPP) is with Ultraviolet (UV) protection while the mounting is powder-coated making it suitable for seaside applications.


With all its features, SUNPAD is less expensive, lightweight, while also user-friendly, in return, lowering installation costs and the need for lifting cranes. SUNPAD is aesthetically pleasing than any previous solar water heating system, setting a new standard in the solar water heating industry and an astonishing price-performance ratio.


GREENoneTEC wants to contribute to significantly influence the energy habits of the worldwide population through SUNPAD and through SUNPAD, you can reduce energy costs for hot water up to 80%. The CO2 savings of one SUNPAD corresponds to 100 huge planted trees.


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