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Wireless Control for Sports LED Lights

Introducing an element of “Dynamic Event Lighting” at the stadium/sports facility.


Wireless Control for Sports LED Lights

What is GigaTera Wireless Lighting Control?


A Wireless Lighting Control system is a simple communication between the fixture and a control device (tablet) that is housed in an office. From this, the user can control (in real-time) various settings for the fixtures:


1) Light On/Off

2) Partial or Full Dimming control

3) Create “Dynamic Event Lighting” – a unique experience for the client’s stadium/sports facility

4) Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Dimming schedules

5) Review energy saving details


While a MAJOR benefit for you as a solution provider, is to SIGNIFICANTLY SAVE COSTS THAT CAN OCCUR FROM CABLING, CIVIL WORKS, ETC.


The Wireless system can either be implemented with “Built-in Driver” or “Remote Driver” (Depending on the weight load restrictions of the pole).


In addition to this, we can also add GigaTera’s RGB Lighting. It is essential to relay beneficial information to the client about the benefits involved in using such an idea.


1) Ability to create a unique entertaining atmosphere at the stadium/sports facility

2) Dynamic Event Lighting sequences during celebratory moments like a Goal or Hole-in-One can give added effect that will leave a lasting experience on the audience as well as the players

3) Opportunity to be a “National Facility” for important political events and VIP Royal guests by creating an atmosphere of the country’s national colors (for example, Green, Red, Blue, etc.)


From a procuring and installation standpoint, it is relatively easy to implement such a feature. For example, a regular sports stadium with four poles on each corner, Install 2~4 pcs beam  5-6 SUFA-X RGB or MAHA RGB per pole at the bottom row of pole cross beam. Of course, the q’ty can vary depending on actual site conditions and size of sports arena.


We highly recommend to check out this reference installation from the YangPyeong Stadium in South Korea - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSefkLWr524

Yang Pyeong Stadium Showcase Video

Yang Pyeong Stadium

These benefits apply to other field of High Mast, Street Lighting, etc. as well. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or clarification with this information provided, and we will be happy to assist you with the same.

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