World Environmental Day 2018!


Introducing an element of “Dynamic Event Lighting” at the stadium/sports facility.


Wireless Control for Sports LED Lights

What is GigaTera Wireless Lighting Control?


A Wireless Lighting Control system is a simple communication between the fixture and a control device (tablet) that is housed in an office. From this, the user can control (in real-time) various settings for the fixtures:


1) Light On/Off

2) Partial or Full Dimming control

3) Create “Dynamic Event Lighting” – a unique experience for the client’s stadium/sports facility

4) Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Dimming schedules

5) Review energy saving details


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LED is LED... or is it?


Efficiency and Comfort in LED

LED luminaire manufacturer are a plenty. We are often asked how we chose to partner with GigaTera and not any other brand. Simply saying...... they have the better products. 


LED lamps have been known to be fragile in performance if exposed to unfavorable conditions. That seems to be everywhere in and outdoor and external setting of Saudi Arabia. we searched for a product that is protected against extreme conditions yet flexible in design and function that it can meet the major lighting requirements in the sector. 


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Suggestions for Greener Operations


How to make everyday Earth Day

  • Get everyone on board by including green focus in your company’s image. Psychology shows that if you label something a certain way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want to have a green set, the first thing you’re going to have to do is take ownership of that fact. By announcing your operation is going “green,” you will inspire your employees to get behind it.
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